Cemetery of Temenggung Abdul Jamal

The cemetery of Temenggung Abdul Jamal located on the island of Bulang Lintang, Bulang Sub-district. From numerous records say that Temenggung Abdul Jamal was one of the temunggung ruled on the era of Kerajaan Riau Lingga Kingdom. Temenggung himself was a title of the ruler underneath a king or sultan known in the administration system of Malay Johor-Riau Kingdom. With that title, at that time Temenggung Abdul Jamal automatically had the highness bride-price in the form of printed and a flag given name the peep of day.

Born in 1720, Temenggung Abdul Jamal was a son of Tun Abbas, Datuk Bendahara Si Maha Raja Johor Ibni Sultan Abdul Jalil Riayatsyah. He maintaned a permanent residence in this Bulang Lintang until the end of his life and buried there together with his wife Raja Maimunah. The local communities predicted that other graves existing in this area are also family members of the temenggung.

Currently, condition of the cemetery area still being cared well. The government of Batam City even constructed a small museum given a name Cik Puan Bulang, it is beside the cemetery. In that museum the heirs of Temenggung Abdul Jamal offspring put a number of their heirlooms such as kris, spear, sword as well as various other heirlooms that belongs to Temenggung Abdul Jamal during his life when ruling Bulang Lintang.

It’s only since the last few years, that museum is not function any longer. But various of those heirlooms still being cared and kept well in the hands of their heirus. You yourselves, in the event of you would like to see directly those theirlooms you can visit the house of their heirs located only a few fathoms from the location of the cemetery.

Actually, at the location around this cemetery found a cemetery a which the surrounding communities known it as Aceh cemetery. Number of the graves can be counted using fingers and they spread at a number of spots but it is not so far from the cemetery of Temenggung Abdul Jamal and his family. Unfortunately, less information can be explored from the surrounding communities about the existence that cemetery. All of the gravestones do not show any inscription of the name or the date of death of the deceased at all.

Traveller tips:

To reach the location of Temenggung Abdul Jamal Cemetery, you should go first to Sagulung harbor. There your journey shall be continued by boarding a boat (a sea transport made of wood having a machine). The time to spent from this harbor to the location of Temenggung Abdul Jamal Cemetery is about 20 minutes. The one-way tariff will cost you Rp10.000.

If you visit the cemetery, set aside your time to circling Kampung Bulang Lintang. You will find more fruit gardens there like cempedak, mango, rose-apple to rambutan. Or if you time is enough to spent the night, stay at a house one of the communities. So in the evening you also have a chance to stop the fishermen who just back from catching prawn. Than if you have got the prawn, roast it and eat it together with you friends. (r/dpb)

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