The Old Town Sambu (1)

Direct You holiday to Sambu Island, if you are a traveler having hobby of exploring old cities. A small island having a distance of a few miles from Batam. This city has many old exotic buildings of valued history. The following are the sports of old buildings you can explore during your visit there.

House complex of the high ranking officials of Pertamina Sambu

Series of these big piled-built house is the residental complex of the high ranking officials of Pertamina Sambu. Seeing at a glance seems like a villa. The construction is strong, luxurious architecture and having a larege yard. The location, standing exactly along the way at the edge of a shore directly facing Malacca Straits. It is also from this sport, the skyscraper buildings belongs to the neighboring country Singapore are clearly seen by whoever you are.

All building at this complex made up of eight units each of them, by the owner Pertamina Sambu, they are numbered ranges from RES 21 to 29. The definite digit has not been got regarding when the construction firstly started. But from the information of a number of communities and the employee of Pertamina, these building have stood since the Ducth colonial era. It contitutes a series of the construction process of the Refined Fuel Oil Terminal on Sambu Island by a Dutch company legally started its operation in 16 August 1897.

Tangga Seribu

The Sambu Island communities name this stair Tangga Seribu. We don’t know why they call it like that, actually if we think it over, this stir only has 100 staircases. But it is not a problem, in spite of that, what does it mean by a name? More importantly, this Tangga Seribu has been highly well known already in this old city. As a result people visiting Sambu has not been regarded complete if they do not stop this Tangga Seribu.

Actually, Tangga Seribu was constructed as an access to ease the community of Belakang Sambu area if they would like to go to villages, market or the operational location of Pertamina Sambu. The location is exactly behind the housing complex of the high ranking officials of Pertamina. Constructed tracing a hill, Tangga Seribu has length of about two meters and the width of about eighteen inches, some others reaches up to six spans. (R02)

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