The Old Town Sambu (2)

Cemetery of Bugis Family

The Cemetery of Bugis Families located at one of the top a hill on Sambu Island. There is no available literature saying that the precise time of this cemetery becoming the cemetery area. On top of that, the local communities do not know who were buried there. They only know thet the cemetery belongs to Bugis Families. That’s why that then they call it Bugis cemetery.

Found tens of graves at this location. But, none of the gravestone having a record of name, date of birth or date of death of the death. This is also made more peoples get difficulty to explain the parentage as well as this history of this cemetery. It’s only the local communities believe that this cemetery was already been since the Dutch era. Even some of them believe that; whom they were buried at this location were the migrants from Bugis firstly occupied this island.

Bukit Bendera

Bukit Bendera is on the highest spot of Sambu Island. At this place long time ago constructed a control tower of which we can still see the trace. It’s only the condition has changed drastically along with the decrease of operational activities of Pertamina Sambu. The flagpole existing near the tower, tower up highly to the sky, but it is as strong as before. While the radio transmitter having height of not less than 60 meters, around the tower, grows wild plants and jungle trees.

Constructed around 1950s, this Bukit Bendera is also the same area the water storage tangk WS 38, one of the four water storage tanks belongs to Pertamina Sambu. Its condition is well treated and still be functioned until now. Under a tank, distanced fathoms, found a receptacle of rainwater, prepared as the water resources to extinguish fire if at any time fire happened.

Wisma 1

The building painted light-yellow, standing strongly facing the sea. Seen from any directions, this building seen conspicuous. Besides big, that is because of its location in an opened area on the hill. So, whoever wants to visit Sambu Island, they must be easily know it. That is Wisma 1, the first guest house constructed by Pertamina on Sambu Island.

Sambu Ria and Sambu Cinema

Any person ever stopped bu especially lives on Sambu Island in the era of 1970s, they must be always remember Sambu Ria, a Meeting Hall of which in front it there is a cinema namely “bioskop misbar” it mean drizzle makes dispersion. The hall which is ably to accomodate not less than 300 persons until now is still functioned. The construction has not experienced any changes but only at a few number of spots experiencing small renovation.

This “Bioskop Misbar” it self, the tracks still can be seen from the front side of Sambu Ria Building. Even, the projector room having two holes to play the films also can be seen intact. But the long bench like stairs of the past becoming the seats of the film watchers are not seen. Left only the staircases made of cement having size of more or less 30 meters, the number reaches to staircases. (R02)

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