Batam City , BatamEkbiz.Com – Today archipelago batik is growing solidly, especially after the international recognition of batik as part of Indonesian culture. Batik archipelago is increasingly, not only it motifs also colors and farious collection with works of batik designers in a number of areas in Indonesia, including in Riau and Batam .

As the work of one of the Malay batik designer in Batam , Martin Baron , with 150 Malay motifs, Serindit Batik Mas , adds to the repertoire of batik motifs in Indonesia. With scratches of his hand , Martin Baron successfully spawned typical batik motifs drawn from classical Malay to Malay traditional motifs and contemporary motifs combined with traditional Malay and iconic areas in Riau Islands . Such as Batik Barelang Bridge ( Batam ) , Batik Gonggong ( Tanjungpinang ) , Batik Dugong ( Bintan ) , Batik Green Turtle ( Anambas ) , Batik Fish Tamban ( Linga ) , Batik Cloves ( Natuna ) , Seaweed Batik ( Karimun ) and other motifs .

“Previously batik motifs was developed to be the basis of Malay Batik modified with the addition of distinctive colors ,” said Martin Baron when met at the place of production , Pesona Boulevard , on Wednesday ( 10/02/2013 ) .

Martin said that the Malay batik was began in 2007. And then grown into Tanjungpinang two years later . Subsequently in 2011, came into Batam, and has it own batik brand ” Serindit Mas ” .

“During 2007 to 2013 , there were 150 motifs that has been generated , consisting of 50 classic batik motifs and contemporary batik motif around 100,” he explained. (R05)