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The Old Town Sambu (3)



Old Pagoda D042366

It is difficult to find information to reveal the real name of this small pagoda of which Pertamina numbered it D042366. And also the year of construction. Because, there is no nameplate or signboard, inscriptions or signs on the pagoda. But this small pagoda is only 5m x 5m can be made as the evidence that Sambu Island since long time ago has been occupied by the heterogeneous communities.

Spoken information say that long time age this pagoda had been used bu the Tionghoa communities to exercise daily ritual. They are Tionghoa communities residing around the area of Pasar Sambu. Since along time ago, Pasar Sambu truly has been known as the area occupied by many Tionghoa communities.

Bangsal, Residence of Pertamina Sambu Employees

Since 1950s, Pertamina Sambu has constructed hundreads unit of house for employee known as bangsal. At those bangsals the employees of Pertamina together with their in-laws; kith and kin. Each unit of the house completed with a main room (family room), bedrooms, porch, bathrooms and kitchen. Supporting facilities such as electricity and water are also completely available.

The location of these bangsals spread out at some spot in the area of Sambu Island, ranges from the village area of gancung to the market area. Those bangsals until now still exist even some of theme are still communities, this post office was constructed on the beginning era of 1950s, with the jurisdiction covers some surrounding islands, included Batam and Belakangpadang.

The building of this post office walled masonry wall of which the size of the building is about 15m x 6m. Its roof made of asbestos while the doors and windows are made of woods. The current condition of this building is not being cared well. Since 2006, this post office is not functioned any longer.

Traveller Tips:

From Public Sekupang Harbor, this old city can be reached within 20 minutes. Boat is a transportation means usually used by the communities to go there. Its tariff is around Rp10.000 for one way. For the sake of your comfort and security, when you want to board a boat, please wear the available life jackets at corner of the quary.

It is highly suggested that when youa are visiting Sambu Island, don’t forget to stop at Belakangpadang situated less than one mile. Particularly for you who do not bring enough food. There, you can try as well as taste the typical local foods at the modest eateries existing around market of Belakangpadang. (R02)

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