Bukit Puak Cemetery

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An old cvemetery believed that it has already been since 1200s found an the highland of Kampung Nongsa Pantai, Kelurahan Sambau, Nongsa Sub-district. To find out the sacred cemetery, you should pass a stair of more or less 100 meters long surrounded by trees aged hundreds of year.

This is the cemetery of H. Fuang together with his two princess. The doorkeepers recorded as the decendants of the late obey the message inherited more than 800 years ago to take care and safeguard the cemetery as well as to make sure that only the generations of Tengku H. Fuang is entitled to be buried in the cemetery complex of more or less 500 square meters.

Bacaan Lainnya

Found 28 graves, three of them are Tengku H. Fuang and his two princess namely Encik Siti Aisyah is in a concrete building painted White having three dames colored yellow. This cemetery has been renovated totally, while the gravestones covered with yellow fabric believed that they are still original. The local communities believed that they are still original. The local communities believe that many mysteries covering around the cemetery named Bukit Puak such as legends and various kinds of prohibitions

Bukit Puak itself categorized having highland of quite high. Therefore, the doorkeepers constructed such kind of stairs for the sake of convenience to the visitors Who want to make a devational visit. The atmosphere around This Hill is very shaded. Harmoniously chic, tens of big trees grow strongly along the left Side and the right of the stairs leading to the top of the hill, the cemetery location.

It is not too difficult to find out this sacred cemetery. Because the location is in the area of public shore excursion Nongsa. So, if you really want to make a devotional visit there, when you have arrived in Kampung Nongsa Pantai, please ask the surrounding communities, then conveniently they Will take or tell you to the exact location. In spite of that, think about the easiest way to mark it is the existence of a small prayer-house which is not far from the main road of from that prayer house, Bukit Puak is only having a distance of two hundred meters.

Traveller tips:
Each visitors making a devotional visit in this cemetery complex of Bukit Puak should follow the rules told by the decendants and the doorkeepers. Some of them are probihited to take picture at the gravestone of Tengku H Fuad buried. During the devotional visit, you are also hoped remains to keep composure, do not speak vulgar, do not make noisy or tumult. Opening the fabric covering the govestone is also is highly probihited and not tolerable.

Before making a devotional visit, it Will be much more better you ask permission first to the doorkeepers of which their houses is around the foothill of Bukit Puak. This is done in order the procession of your devotional visit at the cemetery lasting well and comfortable.

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