Serindit Emas Batik, Malay Motif, Produced in Java

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Batam City, BatamEkbiz.Com – While carrying Malay motifs in his design, but the production of  Serindit Emas Batik by Martin Baron  is still concentrated in one area of Java. This is because Batam doesn’t have production units, especially for batik printing.

Almost two years open a business in Batam batik, the production process is quickly becoming one of the obstacles to fulfilling consumer desires. Moreover, if the booking is made in the middle of dense amount of production in certain seasons, such as the acceptance of new or ahead of Eid and Hajj season.

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Typical motifs that was developed by Malay Batik Serindit Emas emerged from his profession as an architect. Martin studied many typical Malay motifs and designs when he designed Natuna and Batam Student Dormitory in Yogyakarta. From the literature, carvings and motifs designed for the student dormitory building, then he developed it into Malay Batik espessialy Kepri.

Batik printing, is still an option for Martin Baron, because it is able to target the middle class, who often ordered in large amounts. This is requires cost and equipment suport, and also fast time. With manufactured in Java, it can reduce the cost which is cheaper, and flexible for production and ordering. For batik printing order, now he receive only in large amounts like uniforms, school uniforms and office uniforms.

“School uniforms are the most effective ways to introduce Malay batik motifs to the community,” said Martin.

For marketing, Martin explained, it is conducted through a number of outlets located in several areas in Riau Islands Province, such as in Tanjung Pinang and Linga. Martin fix the price of 40.000 idr to 45.000 idr per meter, depending on the materials and colors used. The more colors used, the more expensive the price of batik. One-time process, it able to producing a minimum of 50 meters, which can be used for shirts range up to 25 to 30 pieces.

Looking ahead , Martin wishes , Batam and Riau Islands has its own printing batik production equipment . So that the production process can be done more quickly , and is able to fulfill larger orders , and can produce at any time without being distracted certain seasons .

With the capability of producing Malay batik in Batam Riau Islands, Malay Batik development and marketing can also be done more widely, so Serindit Emas can be Kepri flagship product. Because many business people from foreign countries, who are interested in batik motifs typical Malay that was developed by Serindit Emas. However, due to the production process, which is still done in outside area, causing prospective buyer sanction, they worry orders can not be done on time.

“They are attracted by the color and design that we developed, especially the African market and the Middle East. Perhaps because of the constraints of trust, and does not have its own production unit, feared the target load is not reached, “said Martin. (R02)

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