Starbucks Shows Commitment to Support Clean Hands on Global Handwashing Day
Kegiatan Starbucks di Hari Cuci Tangan Sedunia 2020 di SDN Sumur Batu I Bantargebang, Kamis (15/10/2020).

Jakarta, – Starbucks marks the Global Handwashing Day commemoration by building an AquaTower at SDN 6 Pemenang Barat in North Lombok and distributing liquid hand soap supply to the other 12 AquaTower locations across Indonesia on Tuesday (Oct 13). This initiative is an implementation of the company’s commitment in supporting the importance of clean hands. Whilst some limitations in the current situation, this project aims to provide a positive social impact for the community.

PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, the official licensee of Starbucks in Indonesia, have partnered with Planet Water Foundation in providing the clean water access to make a difference and create impact together for the community since 2011. In addition to the 2020 Global Handwashing Day theme, ‘Hand Hygiene for All’, it is very relevant with the current situation as it has now become very important to practice personal hygiene, such as handwashing as a preventive measure in minimizing the viruses spreading in the community.

Anthony McEvoy, head of PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, said “This year’s Global Handwashing Day is more important now than ever, and we are glad to once again take part in this. It is our pleasure that some of our partners (employees) are still able to contribute to the community by being involved in our 13th AquaTower project at SDN 6 Pemenang Barat in North Lombok, while still prioritizing health and safety protocols implementation during the activity. We still remember when a destructive earthquake struck Lombok back in 2018, where North Lombok was the epicenter. Until today, North Lombok is still progressing in the recovery. We hope that our little help for the clean water, as well as safe drinking water access, could support the community. Moreover, our partners (employees) also simultaneously visited the other 12 AquaTower locations that we have built previously across Indonesia to distribute the liquid hand soap supply as an approach in supporting and resonating the importance of handwashing.”

“Aligned with Starbucks mission to always inspire and nurture the human spirit, we care to help the community living a better life. To date, we have provided clean water filtration systems in 13 communities located in Bali, Bekasi, Lombok, Medan, Surabaya and Tangerang, bringing clean water to over thousands of people, together with Planet Water Foundation in giving education to many children on life saving hygiene practices with a focus on hand washing and protecting against germs,” continued Anthony McEvoy.

Ishak Kasum, Program Manager, Planet Water Foundation Indonesia added, “Although the current situation has drastically changed how our project collaboration commenced for the last 9 years, we are very happy that the project is still taking place. Understanding the importance of clean hands is the beginning of living a healthy life, an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. Through this activity, we hope to contribute in making real impact to the community.” (r)