The Great Mosque Batam
Masjid Agung Batam sebelumnya bernama Masjid Raya Batam. – Great Mosque Batam which stands majestically at the civic center area, Batam center is a community pride Mosque in Riau Islands. Its presence is designed as a center for worship facility needs to serve the population of the island of Batam and Muslims to accomodate activities, ranging from rerigious, educational, social, cultural and broadcasting.

Since its establishment until now, the Great Mosque has became an icon of religious tourism in Batam. The mosque with its first nama “Raya Mosque” designed by Ir Achmad Noe’man of PT Birano and was built in 1999. The area as a whole broad reach ±75.000 M2, can accommodate worshipers (the mosque) pilgrims and ±3.500 (outside the mosque) ±15.000 worshipers.

About its name, this mosque was officially metamorphosed into the Great Mosque Batam since set by Ministry of Religious Affairs in July 2010 and followed up with the Decision Letter of Mayor of Batam. The name change followed the rules of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, who said that for the counties and cities, a mosque was renamed and the status of the Great Mosque. Grand Mosque it self destined for a mosque named province.

Philosophically, the Great Mosque building is designed as a merger of two basic forms, namely as a square block of buildings and pyramid same body side (cut three parts) as the head of the building. The reason these two basic shapes chosen were:Beam Square, represents a compact and sturdy so that more qualified to

Philosophically, the great mosque building is designed as a merger of two basic forms, namely a square block of buildings and pyramid same body side (cut three parts) as the head of the building. The reason these the two basic shapes chosen were:beam square, represents a compact and sturdy, so that more qualified to form a functioning mosque in the strong faith and more to qualify for consideration of building a column-free spans or large so as to accommodate a larger congregation prayers.

Masjid Agung Batam yang sebelumnya bernama Masjid Raya Batam
Masjid Agung Batam yang sebelumnya bernama Masjid Raya Batam.

Limas Same Side (cut three sections), a roof form that is suitable for square plan of the building, have a vertical perception towards a point above a symbol of the relationship between man and God (habluminallah). Meanwhile, slice the journey of three parts is a symbol of human life (as a servant of Allah) in the three realms of nature, namely the “rahim” the natural world and the afterlife.

The Mosque is equipped with a prayer plaza courtyard mosque main page for topographic and architectural considerations lies higher than the driveway. Plaza prayer is needed as an expansion chamber exceeds the capacity of the mosque when worshipers during prayers or Aidul Fitri and Aidul Adha is usually held in the open field. So as the prayers according to his religious beliefs, wa made contingent lines that will direct worshipers prayed in a straight line up facing the Qiblat.

Placed on the plaza fountation can also be used as a “wudhu” area. Other elements that were presented in addition to swimming pools fountains and staircases are the bath-tub stone plants, garden light and rows of palm trees. All the elements of the player plaza is expected to make the atmosphere more comfortable, more beautiful and dignified as a grand mosque prayer plaza.

Another important component is the exsitence of a closed hall. This corridor serves as a barrier plaza player and transition zones or semi marker before entering the holy or the sacred zone of the main hall of the mosque. Beside that, the walkway is designed in such a way and a significant architectural element in terms of functionality and architectural mosques.

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While for support facilities, this mosque has a large parking area which can accommodate four-whell vehicles (cars), with a capacity of ±158 vehicles, buses with a capacity of ±9 vehicles, two-wheeled vehicle (motorcycle) with a capacity of ±140 vehicles. Special VIP vehicles, can accommodate ±8 units, while the parking area at the north entrance, at least capable to park not less than 20 four-wheleved vehicles.

One more thing that seems to be a perfect complement to this mosque is the existence of a tower. The main function as a place to store the sound equipment for the call to prayer can be heard far and clear. In terms of architectural eye catcher and an environmental marker, since it’s a fairly dominant vertical element with placement in a corner site overlooking the central crossroads. 66 meter high tower as the marking of the amount of verses in the Qur’an, verse 6666. (re)