The Trace of Japanese Troops in Sembulang

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During the period of 1945 to 1946, Sembulang, Galang Subdistrict recorded in the history as one of the home base point in Sumatera for 112.708 troops waiting for the repatriation to their home country after Japan surrendered to the allied forces in 1945. The trace of the Japanese troops until now you can trace it if you stop at the old village of this one.

Japanese Monument

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The Japanese Monument, that is the way the Sembulang communities called this monument of 3m x 3m. Its shape is relatively modest, made of stones of which at the middle part of it installed an epigraphy having a diameter of not more than 40cm x 40 cm. At this epigraphy, inscribed the names of the donators for the construction of this monument. The following the names of the ex Japanese troops ever stopped at and resided in Sembulang completed with their photos totally 21 troops. All of is written in the Japanese script and English.

The Japanese monument located at periphery of the main road of Kelurahan Sembulang, Galang Sub-district, exactly at the yard periphery of H. Amin Bujur house, the head of the village. Based on the script written on the epigraphy, this monument was build on 23 August 1981. The construction itself initiated by the Rempang Friendship Association (RFA), a non-profit institution established by the Japanese communities as a tribute for the Japanese troops ever lifted and set down their foot in Sembulang.

The existing records say that, during they resided in Sembulang, recorded 128 Japanese troops died. Definite data has not been found concerning with the cause it, but a number village heads said that they died because of disease attack such as cholera and malaria.

Blind Shaft

Local community called it perigi buta (blind shaft). It is fair that if they say it so, because if it is seen the current condition, that shaft is not cared any longer. Around the shaft grow shrubs and almost cannot be said as shaft. But those shafts keep on historical value because they were made by ex Japanese troops ever populated Sembulang.

Until this record was made, found two spots of shaft of which the surrounded communities believed that it was constructed by ex Japanese troops. The location is precisely at the back side of the yard of the village head house, Haji Mustofa. The depth does not reach one meter and the sides of the shaft surrounded by shrubs and dense trees. Other shaft is found at more or less one thousand meters far away from the garden of Haji Mustofa. Its condition is the same does not have protection ring like bricks or cement.

Non asphalt road

Other trace which can be seen from the trace of Japanese troops in Sembulang is an non asphalt road having width of 3,5 meters. That road until now still functioned by the communities. Some of the lanes have been coated asphalt, partly constructed paving block.

The surrounding community say that the inheritance road of the Japanese troops crosses some village, started from Dusun Camping, Pasir Merah, Kampung Hulu, Sungai Raya, Tanjung Banun to Dapur Enam (Kuala Buluh). Its position is circling, stretching up to hundreds of hectares, covering almost all areas of Sembulang.

Traveller Tips:

Sembulang can be reached from the city area within two hours by using vehicles or motorcycles. The route, from the city area, direct your vehicles to Barelang Bridge (Tengku Fisabilillah). From there, keep following the road and when you arrived at the fourth bridge (Sultan Zainal Abidin), keep continuing the running of your vehicles and then turn left when you arrive at the gate Kelurahan Sembulang. Exactly, Kelurahan Sembulang is on the Island of Rempang and administratively it is part of Galang Sub-district.

The best time of visiting Sembulang is in the morning, so you will have more time to explore the traces of the inheritance of ex Japanese troops. But if you would like to spend the night there, it is also no problem. You can stay at the houses of the community and experiencing directly of passionately addicted staying with the local community warmly and friendly. (r/dpb)

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